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What. What? If you’re confused… so am I

So, as I wrote last week, when my print editor – the person responsible for the features sections of three papers which have carried my work for years – was let go, I was given to understand that all the critiquing associated with those papers was going online. My new editor, who was described to me as my “new, online editor” works from a paper owned by the same company, but located at the other end of the 710 freeway. Personal interaction would have an electronic distance, but then it was all electronic anyway.

Okay, I wrote about it, but felt that this was just one more adaptation one was to make in the modern world. I’ve gotten kinda good at adaptation.

Then I opened Friday’s Pasadena Star-News and saw, in print, two of my reviews (and one by another critic – usually of opera – whom I have known for many years). Okay…

I’ll be frank. I have no idea what’s happening. Did the critiques appear in print because of hue and cry? Did they simply have extra room? Or, was the information I was handed by those supposedly “in the know” (who were very close to, if not on top of, the decision-making) not particularly accurate.

So, apparently certain random reviews of mine will make it into print. Yay, I guess. In any case, they’ll all be here, including the ones that don’t appear anywhere else.

And the personal state of flux continues. On the other hand, I did see 8 shows in 10 days, and with the exception of those I must wait to publish so they can appear online at the papers first, they’re all up. Stay tuned for the installment of “had to be elsewhere first” material which will appear on Thursday.

As for the rest, it’s just wait and see and wait.

4 responses to “What. What? If you’re confused… so am I

  1. Patricia Bunin September 30, 2014 at 4:20 PM

    I read your review of Pajama Game at the Whittier Theatre a couple of weeks ago which inspired us to go to the show. So I know your reviews are still in print media. We are in the same boat with the paper. Catherine Gaugh has been my editor for 18 years and championed my Senior Moments column which has been running weekly for over fiver years. At first I thought “all digital” was literal but it seems the columnists are still in the print loop.

  2. Kyle October 1, 2014 at 9:22 PM

    I just came across a review online that is credited to you, but I don’t think you wrote it. I find it often times hard to follow and incoherent. Somehow it changes the name of the show about four times. I just wanted to point it out to you since it gives you credit and in this world one’s name is everything. I think it’s a computer generated hodgepodge but the end credited you and directed me to your blog which I will now be following BTW. Life in the 21st century. I have attached the link…..

    • Frances Baum Nicholson October 2, 2014 at 2:54 PM

      Wow. It is my review, as published by the Los Angeles News Group papers online (i.e.: before it was available here, on this blog), but has been altered, and this is NOT an LANG website. I have alerted my editors there. What a very peculiar thing! Thank you for bringing it to our notice.

    • Frances Baum Nicholson October 2, 2014 at 3:05 PM

      Looked at it again. I believe it was translated into another language, and is then being translated back into English. “Importance” becomes “Significance,” and “the country” becomes “the nation”… without any clue that they mean different things in the context of the review. That’s why it was so confusing.

      As you say, one’s name is everything. I hope my editors jump on this, as it was stolen from them and much as from me.

      Again, thanks for pointing all of this out.

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