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Where I Have Been – the critic takes off the pause button

Once again, I have had a blip in my life, and in my reviewing life. This time it is called pneumonia. Again.

I believe it is the end result of exhaustion. My day job, combined with my – for lack of a better way to say it at the moment – not day job of reviewing theater, to which I add the underestimated power of the long-lasting effects of a grief, plus a couple of profound new losses, really knocked me down. The problem has been that I have not been able to simply stop – at least not the day job – and have thus been sapped to the bone. And now, here I am.

Why am I self-diagnosing? I suppose to explain to those who have been waiting for a new review why it has not come. To explain to those I will be contacting today why I have not contacted them about seeing shows which are opening or have already opened. And, of course, because if I write it, I begin to understand this emotional and physical shut-down myself.

So… What?

So, a physician visit this afternoon will hopefully provide answers as to why the initial treatment has not scared my illness away. So, I will sort through the many invites and get my act together regarding what I will be writing about next. So, I will – yet again – pull myself out of this and go on. So, here I am, cleaning the spam out of my comments (because plays have very little to do with Louis Vuitton handbags), and getting ready to write again.

Once more, with feeling… yes?

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